on  Dec 03 2016 15:43:07
I see no tabs ,they dont appear !!
 on  Oct 28 2016 14:37:15
No tabs available anywhere ?
 on  Aug 23 2016 20:04:15
Why can't I see any tab? Am I missing something?
 on  Aug 14 2016 04:35:43
I can't see any tabs when I click on the song names
 on  Jun 07 2016 16:12:01
Where is the tabs?????
 on  Aug 15 2013 22:15:17
I have to say this again. Thank so much for the fantastic TABS. Been using the site since 2000. cheers
 on  Apr 01 2013 21:52:09
great site best guitar tabs of them all
 on  Oct 17 2012 06:53:03
Thank you for this perfect site!!
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Fantastic site a true star and rocking tabs!
 on  Nov 04 2011 20:09:20
Thanks for great site :-) Rock on.
 on  Jun 10 2011 22:27:51
Great site, shame about the Manure thing...come back when its 5 and you've got one to keep!
 on  Jun 02 2011 09:38:53
Excellent site and thanks again ,for your skills in doing tabs!!!
 on  Feb 28 2011 09:50:48
genial ce site!!!
 on  Feb 01 2011 21:48:49
great job man ! very nice tabs !
 on  Jul 18 2010 08:49:02
Thanks for the TABs
 on  Sep 15 2009 15:16:43
Quo Rock (is that the kind of thing I should be putting on here?)
 on  Apr 29 2009 14:22:15
Great site Quo are the best fuck the rest
 on  Apr 06 2009 15:34:47
Very nice tabs guitar !!! I enjoy them !! thanks a lot !
 on  Sep 28 2008 20:33:32
Yikes, bikini pics!!! I'll kill ya! Hope you're well and happy, Sarahx
 on  Sep 18 2008 18:42:49
i think its rocks love ya loads his my msn addy
 on  Sep 18 2008 18:39:38
your mamma is so fat by sarah
 on  Apr 15 2008 17:12:35
I just love your photo's, you really should think about selling them !!!!!
 on  Mar 10 2008 09:14:08
STATUS QUO IS THE BEST Keep on doin'it
 on  Oct 07 2007 00:17:20
I love you!
 on  Jun 16 2006 22:13:10
thanks mates i like this blog
 on  Mar 19 2006 10:43:50
One of the best sites! The tab site is exellent!
 on  Feb 16 2006 13:07:00
great site, The guitar tabs are excellant thanks :)
 on  Feb 10 2006 10:18:34
Great site, anyone know where I can get the tabs for 'Good Thinking' off the At Their Best album...... Ta
 on  Jan 26 2006 16:38:31
Status quo are the best band ever and i listen to them every day. they should come to clonmel in co. Tipperary to do a concert and they would be sold out in hours. THE BEST BAND EVER
 on  Sep 16 2005 10:05:47
hi there, great tabs. i see that you made them with guitar pro. where can i get these guitar pro files you put on your site? you can mail me about it. good luck with your site and tabbing. once again: there (like quo) great!
 on  Aug 04 2005 20:05:27
Came back for a return visit and saw the tabs - excellent and accurate Quo tabs with sounds as well. Keep up the good work TGGM
 on  Jul 17 2005 22:31:45
hey man, we met at the gig on sat nite seing quo with my friend bates! They were ace, this site rocks, my band is praticly becomin a quo tribute band as well as ska band and the tabs help aload... email me sum time..
 on  May 07 2005 19:17:14
Rember a small country in Europe called Greece and we are still waiting Quo for a gig!
 on  May 02 2005 13:07:23
hey - just seen my comment from 2002. still using this site m8. superb stuff. keep it up.
 on  Apr 26 2005 07:35:08
The band has never forgotten anyone, there must be a place in their minds for a final gig in Greece!! There are too many years since the last one... WE DESERVE JUST ONE GIG! There are still Quo nuts here..
 on  Apr 25 2005 10:14:12
quo forever! quo 'til i die! GREAT selection of tabs, needs updating mind. Saints forever, francis is god
 on  Apr 16 2005 07:58:07
Quo and of course my favorite football club A.E.K. F.C. for ever!!
 on  Apr 15 2005 07:42:15
First of all, sorry everyone for my english.Im Quo fan since 1976 and now im 45 of age.I do like the old line up with F.R - R.P - A.L - J.C. For me good times was 1972 to 1979 when the music was heavy. Any way i bought the last one XS all areas, only for supporting our group. Heavy times - Heavy QUO. Keep going !!
 on  Mar 27 2005 15:09:32
Fantastic Quo chords. Will come back for more.
 on  Mar 09 2005 15:36:02
I say Hello and a good Year with Status Quo.And its nooooooooooooooooooooooo Shit! Good Luck!
 on  Mar 02 2005 15:10:53
I'm only 14 years ago, but i know STATUS QUO is the best rock band in the world. Rick and Francis are the best rhythm/lead guitar players ;). I love your music! Status Quo 4 ever!!!
 on  Feb 26 2005 20:07:39
PLEASE!!! come to Hungary STATUS QUO FOREVER!!!!!!!!
 on  Feb 22 2005 20:44:55
cool site, been a Quo fan for the last 30years....brought back lots of memories,still bounce around to keep on rockin'.......
 on  Feb 18 2005 22:17:09
nice site shame about the man u stuff
 on  Jan 01 2005 23:39:06
I just say HELLO! from Switzerland. This is my Page:
 on  Dec 20 2004 12:08:57
great gig at nec sorry about francis illness what a drummer letley is great see sonn at next gig
 on  Dec 20 2004 11:39:27
Kepp on Rockin'
 on  Dec 08 2004 21:02:02
Saw this site a while back and was impressed. Video section is especially interesting. Quo fan since 1972 - Paper Plane - and hooked ever since.
 on  Nov 23 2004 16:32:06
hello boys and girls,sorry that my englisch is noth that good,but that doesent mather i think.howmany mistakes i have al ready .hahahahahahaha i have already told you that i one of the oldes fans in the world of quo. but I am only 49 years guithar strums the same.again a mistake by by johanna
 on  Nov 14 2004 22:39:26
I have listened to the Quo since 1977 have lost touch for a while , glad I was able to find this site, trying to replace all my old albums, any help appreciated, Not many Americans know of this group but will try to change that
 on  Nov 06 2004 15:34:16
quo fan sinds 1970 next jear i celibreat 35 years to be a quo fan
 on  Oct 23 2004 19:55:55
hi im a status quo fan. i have loved them sice i was 8 years old. and i still think they rock, and there new singel number 2 called lucinda and lucinda is my name to.
 on  Oct 03 2004 15:32:45
Ey,a good choice to put these GREAT BANDS together!! Rock'n'Rooooooooooooll !! cheers Arne
 on  Sep 23 2004 13:20:25
Excellent site. Love the little musical ditties for the tab.
 on  Sep 02 2004 13:12:08
Hi there? Has anyone a good tab from Caroline?? Wo knows what Francis plays when he starts to sing?? Thanks, Tim and Harm
 on  Aug 11 2004 10:45:18
best rocking band in the world great gig at delemere forrest keep rocking lads
 on  Aug 11 2004 10:43:16
saw quo at delemere forrest best rocking band in the world keep it up lads
 on  Aug 07 2004 21:18:09
Excellent site thanks for all these wonderful Quo tabs
 on  Jun 23 2004 20:42:29
Hell Of a site keep it up and HELLO to everybody in Good old Sunny (yeah rite) Exeter
 on  Jun 21 2004 21:00:39
All i can say is f***ing brill, Keep up the good work butty Rock on
 on  Jun 13 2004 13:16:14
i only found this site today and i have to say its absolutely brilliant,well done and keep up the good work.
 on  May 03 2004 15:52:15
I Really enjoy status quo and as a big fan and i have my own tribute called "catatonic quo" i play the part of second guitarist "Rick the rythm machine Parfitt" I am very grateful to see such accurate tabs keep it up and ROCK TILL YOU DROP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 on  Apr 30 2004 16:55:04
Brilliant site we share many common interests and i'd say have been to many the same gigs judging by the site. I also have a son studing in Glamorgan and go to wales regularly to him and to see the odd gig too. Keep up the great work, one of the best sites I've seen in a long time. Hopefully AC/DC will come to Ireland on the next world tour and save me a few bob. Quo are great they visit here all the time, like the ticket collection.
 on  Apr 20 2004 10:51:24
great tabs keep on rocking with the best band in the world
 on  Mar 29 2004 12:52:47
Great site Mick ON THE LEVEL status quo tribute band MELB
 on  Mar 27 2004 21:40:04
Great site love the Quo vids check out our site the web site of the only Quo tribute band in the North East of England Cheers Al
 on  Mar 27 2004 01:07:02
Excellent site! Quo are the best, with AC/DC a close second so this site has been a real find for me! Thanx M8! See ya @ Delamere!
 on  Mar 26 2004 14:50:08
Hello. I just want to comment on june16 2004. Does anyone know whether Quo playes in Flensburg or Heppenheim or both towns? I would really like to know. The gigs make make 10 years younger every time!
 on  Mar 24 2004 11:12:23
greatest band for years
 on  Mar 22 2004 16:50:07
Greatsite and thanks for the tabs
 on  Mar 14 2004 00:41:55
wow well done i like the look of your site and see you have some great pics of quo to. I was in Dublin the night before you what a night especially since i got to meet the guys to. The guy on the bottom of your pics for dublin 9th i meet him to the night before and took him backstage with me what a coinsendennce well it looks like you have seenn many a quo gig good on you im starting to try and go to more now the first one i went to just got me hooked cant wait for the next one either june or july need to save the money first thanks for a great website and i will try and visit again soon xxxx
 on  Mar 12 2004 18:12:09
Well done brill site,loved the AC/DC photo's as well!!
 on  Mar 11 2004 12:02:10
just looked at your site and i think its brillient. i especially like the quo photos ,they are excellent.. well done and keep up the good work, i shall be back. love suz xx
 on  Jan 11 2004 07:06:17
to Andy from Stokeq. my wife and i have now seen quo 3 times and the last two times, they included 4500x in their set list which was fan-bloody-tastic! the line-up now is just brilliant. i cant wait till they come back to australia. does anyone know when they are coming back?
 on  Jan 09 2004 09:29:07
WHEN ARE QUO COMING BACK TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!! I NEED MY QUO FIX!!!!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quo rocks! established 1965 to infinity.
 on  Jan 08 2004 08:40:11
What can't you say about the quo except they are fantastic.and as a guitarist I think you just can't beat quo's stuff so keep the tabs coming excellent stuff.
 on  Jan 06 2004 07:49:32
To Deano from Stockport. What planet are you from? Quo are the greatest rock band ever. to say that Quo are shite is an insult to every quo fan out there. I have been a Quo fan for as long as I can remember and we certainly dont need negative comments like that.Quo rocks!!!
 on  Jan 03 2004 14:37:16
Hi My name is josh i am eleven years old and a massive fan of Quo.I think u have worrked tremendous ly hard on this site its great just like Quo Rock on U Quo fans !
 on  Oct 21 2003 16:32:10
yo dog, the sites cool, keep it up, love the tabs, an i've learnt most of them, could u rekon on finsihing, Slow Train, Bye Bye Johnny and 4500 times off, with the endings, thats if u know them, if not, no worries
 on  Sep 10 2003 09:57:17
i think this site is very gd, keep it up
 on  Sep 09 2003 12:49:36
quo DO use more than 3 cords!!! Wow, great site, great tabs.
 on  Jul 21 2003 17:34:07
Nice site mate, the guitar tabs are very useful. Didn't have a clue they used so many tunings. Keep up the good work. Cheers Andy.
 on  Jun 22 2003 08:22:22
What a brilliant site mate. Well done. You are a fine ambassador for the brilliant Status Quo. So glad you had a great time at yesterdays gig; one of a great many Quo gigs you have enjoyed I'm sure. Rock on and keep the Quo faith brother!!!! Take care, Karen
 on  Jun 22 2003 06:56:25
Brilliant site!! Love the Quo pics!! And a Man Utd fan as well!!!! Keep on rockin'!!!!!
 on  Jun 16 2003 13:16:00
brill site quooooooooooooooo
 on  May 25 2003 16:09:53
hi quo fans Great site do you have It`s nooooooooooooo shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quooooooooohhhhoooohhhooohhhhooooo stefanquo
 on  Feb 22 2003 03:03:35
 on  Feb 09 2003 12:21:20
Really cool tab section, helped heaps.
 on  Jan 16 2003 07:47:03
Love the tabs given, very good indeed. I am a big SQ fan. I see them every year at the NEC 'round Xmas time. Looking forward to their 2003 tour dates for the Birmingham. Once again many thanks for the GREAT tabs, keep up the good work. :D)
 on  Dec 22 2002 11:58:14
Great site! Keep on the good work! Greetings from a Quo fan in Greece!
 on  Dec 21 2002 17:44:46
 on  Dec 20 2002 06:16:30
Nice site fella, got a mate who relly wants perfect remedy on CD if anyone can help let me know please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 on  Nov 30 2002 09:36:03
been a quo fan since the late 70's as a wee kid. this site is shit hot. it rox. guitar tabs are spot on mate!!!! da beezneez!!!!!! 'mon the Bears!!!
 on  Nov 15 2002 16:31:14
So you try flirting with me???Well,have you GOT ANY QUO,MATE?;)The site looks great and I will be back to haunt you soon..../Bethxx
 on  Nov 03 2002 10:10:52
Great Quo tabs. Am getting a band together here in Thailand, all this information is really good ( and it's free! ). Many thanks
 on  Oct 24 2002 07:41:16
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'lllll See............
 on  Oct 23 2002 16:52:26
Helloooooo...!!! bfm. nice job you`ve done here with your site. In the Awardlist your site is doing great! So rock on ! martin at
 on  Oct 15 2002 14:01:47
Great site. Liked the AC/DC photos. (Wish I could have been there). Angus Young is the greatest player I have ever seen. He's no Hendrix, but hes certainly pure rock'n'roll blues. Could you let me know when you finish tabbing mean girl by Quo. An absolute classic. I cant find it anywhere. Cheers.
 on  Sep 24 2002 19:31:26
I have been a quo fan since 1998. First seen them during the rock to drop tour in 1991. Heavy traffic is brill!!!!. great quo tabs . many thanks. And Quo QUO o o!
 on  Aug 20 2002 08:21:07
Photo's aren't very good Jock as I'm not on any of them..... I believe we have a photo of your Bon Scott death by vomit attempt at the cottage somewhere. There are also far too many pictures off Rob....not pleasant. Quo are Shite !
 on  Aug 15 2002 20:06:54
double totty you sad man !!!! kicks jocks ass !!!
 on  Aug 15 2002 05:00:31
site is ace as are the quo keep on rockin
 on  Aug 09 2002 19:31:03
played the new single today sorry to say not very impressed, wish they would get back to doing what they do the best.
 on  Aug 09 2002 16:06:13
Im back again (second)and i say it again, nice work its a gold-site! See you soon, somewhere,anywere. Ove
 on  Jul 31 2002 14:53:20
Excellent site, keep up the great work with the guitar tabs!!
 on  Jul 05 2002 05:46:05
no comment
 on  Jun 10 2002 17:33:38
Were's ya link to the Mancity Site Ian........ city , city , the greatest football team in all the world.
 on  Apr 28 2002 08:37:10
Ta for the tab , back soon for more.
 on  Mar 10 2002 15:39:48
Nice site. Particularly enjoyed the old Quo tabs, noticed a mistake in "Don't wast my time" though. Keep up the good work.
 on  Feb 26 2002 09:05:13
Great page. Never new there were so many Quo nutters. Rock on every one of you. Mitch
 on  Feb 23 2002 05:52:56
Great site Jock! I like the look of these tabs, hope they sound as good ? Hoping the boyz come out to OZ once more, missed 'em last time.
 on  Feb 16 2002 17:42:48
best funkin band that there ever was,and fuk ol the pesimists.3 luvz,quo,rangers fc,and my wife elaine street
 on  Feb 05 2002 14:56:27
Great site!! I'LL BE BACK!!!
 on  Jan 27 2002 13:45:12
Quo are the best, the original quo that is not the present line up there best was between 1970 till the early 80s, wish they would go back to doing or recording material like forty five hundred, big fat mama
 on  Jan 15 2002 08:57:22
Gentlemen. I would like to express my disappointment that the only way you can gain pleasure is to consume excessive quantities of alcoholic beverages. As you are well aware, this kind of behaviour is at odds with my personal clean cut life style. I trust that you will use the next few months to change your ways. I am of course talking bollocks.
 on  Jan 11 2002 08:55:51
Nick, BRF has got it all wrong. By downing as much Vodka and Aftershock as possible we get the most enjoyment out of the evening's festivities. Not participating in this merryment violates the Quo code. As for smoking in Wembley Arena, BRF also has this wrong as do Wembley security whom I have also pointed this out to during my 'conversations' with them. I have no idea why you can't get up the next day. Scruff.
 on  Jan 10 2002 15:13:45
Scruff - every time we see Quo at Wembley for the annual Friday Christmas gig I cannot get out of bed the next day. Any idea and can you suggest a cure? Also, BRF normally calls a couple of days later saying that you and I behaved disgracefully and that we should not smoke in Wembley Arena -- Nick
 on  Jan 02 2002 15:33:16
We do Dirty Water quite well, it is my favourite as well!!!
 on  Dec 27 2001 20:35:33
Heya Mate - thank you so much for the QUO guitar tabs! Keep the site running! With my best regards and a happy 2002 for all the Quo fans out here - Rock on!
 on  Dec 04 2001 14:43:32
 on  Dec 02 2001 14:59:58
 on  Nov 30 2001 05:50:31
Great site. I only looked at the Quo part and downloaded some tabs. Also seen some of your Majorca photos. You look a bit like my husband when we met in '77, specially your hair looks the same. Wild old woman of rock and roll
 on  Nov 26 2001 19:25:27
Quo are better than ever - seen them at Llandudno this year. Their new songs are great! My favourite song is Dirty Water - not on many albums!!
 on  Nov 22 2001 15:43:58
How many pairs of underpants do you need to change a lightbulb? None - if they all belong to Rob! P.S. Did you keep your trousers on for the Quo concert last Saturday?
 on  Nov 16 2001 18:30:37
pissed agin.
 on  Nov 15 2001 12:35:38
I'am Status Quo fan since 1979, collecte nearly all about this Supergroup, have about 4000 Quopictures from fanmags, tourprogramms, posters etc. and I have a golden LP from 'From the Makers of....' Fanclub. Enjoy Status Quo!!!
 on  Nov 05 2001 11:46:49
good site, and thank you for the guitar tabs.
 on  Nov 04 2001 11:26:52
D'ya think I'm butch?
 on  Oct 30 2001 16:40:02
on and on we go with the show i love this site dolf
 on  Oct 27 2001 07:40:29
1988 was my year for going Quo. I bought everything they released that year and saw them in Birmingham during the summer and Manchester on there Winter Tour. So '88 was my year - what was your year for Quo?
 on  Oct 04 2001 16:27:59
Ops, it's me again. The correct adress for my website with Quo Power Tabs and others must spell Sorry! guitar-steve
 on  Oct 04 2001 16:25:10
Hi, I've got a new website with Power Tab versions of Quo songs like "Caroline", "Paper Plane", "Down Down" and "Tune To The Music". Others will follow so be sure to visit my site often. guitar-steve
 on  Aug 22 2001 16:09:07
I bought my first Quo album (Down the Dustpipe) out of curiosity after seeing in "British Hit Singles" how many weeks they were on the chart. Their only US hit had been "Pictures of MM." I'm a 58-year-old-libertarian Christian rock guitarist-vocalist who was blown away by their talent. I'm introducing them to all my friends (and to Dave Matthews Band studio guitarist Tim Reynolds, for whom my son works). Virtually everyone has said something similar to "How come we haven't heard these guys in the States?" I'm trying to learn my favourites: "Ain't Complaining," "So Far," "Rockin' All Over?," "Somethin'Bout You, Baby" since I sometimes sit in with a friend's band. I'd love to hear from other fans about their favorites. Rick Centner
 on  Aug 10 2001 14:51:00
On looking at the guestbook on your web site i can't believe how many Status Quo fans there are! I thought there was just you and the rest of the band. Ho Ho Ho
 on  Jul 05 2001 12:32:00
Hello on december 19th 1997 i went to sheffield arena to see Quo they were great i hope to see them soon because they were great as usual see you sometime
 on  Jul 05 2001 12:30:00
Hi, Chris and Charles here writing this from school at 1:25pm. We have found a Francis Rossi lookalike he drives a rolinsons disabled bus. Chris will be there in Northampton see ya then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 on  Jul 02 2001 16:32:00
Can anyone find a Quo ringtone for an Ericsson A1018s mobile phone. I've tried everywhere, but to no avail. HELP!!!!
 on  Jun 06 2001 17:44:00
Nice one buddy, great Quo tabs
 on  May 21 2001 19:20:00
they have been crap for over 20 years but i still love the old stuff cheers for the tab, nice one quodacious dude!
 on  May 19 2001 11:00:00
hi rockin' man. It's great to see that you like the sam music as I. STATUS QUO and AC/DC. You really know the best rock 'n' roll. Long live rock'n'roll. From swizzerland, remy
 on  May 01 2001 15:16:00
Quo played Dublin very recently and my wife & I were at one of their shows. Wonderful, tremendous energy. Inspiring stuff. I lost count of the number of 'air guitarists' playing in the audience. Reminded me of the late Rory Gallaghers shows. Great site, k
 on  Apr 22 2001 20:23:00
Just seen Quo in Jersey 19 april and they were better than ever, have seen them a good few times. Love to play along to their music when I can get my strat out and jam to the records. Quo will always be the best. Good site keep up the good work<g>.
 on  Apr 21 2001 21:07:00
whats up!!! I love ac/dc
 on  Apr 18 2001 19:12:00
Come on Bayern!!!
 on  Apr 08 2001 14:14:00
Fancy a sesh in Dublin in a fortnight? I heard QUO are playing!! Good website mate. Noel.
 on  Apr 08 2001 09:46:00
Thank you Jock for the guitartabs of Mystery song. I'll hope it will sound better now?keep on
 on  Apr 01 2001 18:55:00
Kicks ass dude.
 on  Mar 31 2001 19:10:00
No Comment
 on  Mar 25 2001 13:14:00
I lived next door to Alan Lancaster for a few years. He is a very nice guy that likes his garden. He has a very nice lawn.
 on  Mar 23 2001 14:27:02
Hello! It's real fun to surf around and find such nice sites as this one! Rockn'Roll is my reason for living. Especially STATUS QUO. Seen them 12 times up til now and there are many times to come! Saw them in Goethenburg in February and I pray they will visit Sweden again (and again!) this summer! Rock on! Monica
 on  Mar 09 2001 19:07:00
 on  Mar 06 2001 22:21:00
Love the site, I am just starting to learn to play guitar and have been looking for Quo tab to learn. I will be visiting often. Thanks
 on  Jan 14 2001 10:51:00
Status Quo is the greatest rock and roll band that ever rocked. Saw them at Townsville late 2000, and previously 1978 in Brisbane. They still sound the same, even with new band members. They live, they rock, they are immortal. Will they return to their adoring fans in Oz.
 on  Dec 27 2000 19:51:00
Thanks for putting me out of my misery. The tabs are great. Drive me mad when guitar mags don't print quo tabs and slag them off !!! You are my saviour
 on  Dec 26 2000 11:42:00
Keep up the great work???..guitar tabs very useful
 on  Nov 12 2000 06:33:01
Saw Quo live last Sat (4.11.2000) here in Brisbane. Like a fine wine they just keep getting better!!! Great sound, lots of enthusiasm by the band members. Mat Letley is fitting in well. Roy Lynes (who lives in Brisbane) came on for one number. Alas the show only went for 1.5 hours - it seemed too short for all the great songs they have. Still it?s a good sign when the crowd are yelling for more at the end of a show. Hope they keep coming back.
 on  Oct 07 2000 21:42:00
Great page. Currently designing my own Quo page so any tips would be appreciated. Can anyone tell me where I can download MP3's of the Quo.
 on  Oct 05 2000 23:30:00
well hello great pages. I loved looking around it brings back so many memories. I love quo and ac/dc but I do miss bon may he r.i.p. thanks keep rocking sal
 on  Aug 17 2000 22:27:00
Great Quo stuff also AC/DC stuff. They were never the same after Bon Scott went.
 on  Jul 22 2000 22:16:00
Hey man great site. Keep em comin'
 on  Jul 21 2000 07:56:00
Great site, really looking forward to your tabs on "Blue for you" and "Ease your mind" which might be the 2 most complicated Quo songs concerning chord scheme, I think.
 on  Jul 06 2000 05:24:00
Glad to find a website for the mighty Quo !!!!
 on  May 30 2000 20:43:00
The Quo! Ohhhhh yeeessssss. This band has been going longer than I've been alive (and I'm grown up!) Still superb - (3 chords my ARSE)
 on  May 29 2000 11:23:00
Have just ordered Status Quo on video. They played several songs on a variety show here last year. THEY ROCKED.
 on  May 08 2000 13:06:00
Status Quo was,is and will be always: COGHLAN,LANCASTER,PARFITT,ROSSI & YOUNG !!! FOREVER !!! LISTEN REAL QUO OR DIEEEEEEEE !!!!!! Nice Page man.......GORAN
 on  Mar 31 2000 13:44:00
The guitar tabs were really helpful.Now I´ll have to practise hard until the Status Quo gig in June. Bye! Great page!!!
 on  Feb 07 2000 15:12:00
Good site but it's a shame you didn't have the tab for "I love Rock and Roll" as it's a really rockin' record.
 on  Jan 02 2000 07:58:00
Excellent! Status Quo, AC/DC, Manchester United - What more could a man want from life (apart from beer & sex). Brilliant site, keep it up. The web needs people like you. Many Thanx, Stevie Baby.
 on  Oct 16 1999 16:18:00
Great stuff, keep it up!!!
 on  Oct 11 1999 14:09:00
Great pages going to see quo at birmingham nec on 16 october hope they play matchstck men like what i have read in you guest list!!!
 on  Oct 05 1999 23:36:00
We went to see Quo at Manchester Appollo Sat 1/10/99.They were absolutely brilliant and we heard them play Matchstick Men 30 years on !!!! Rossi shook his head in disbelieve at the fact they actually played that on the encore. We took our eight year old daughter to see them and she rocked till she dropped.We took our eight year old daughter to see them and she rocked till she dropped.
 on  Oct 01 1999 21:48:00
Astounding! How long have i been looking for Quo tab? You are my saviour. Keep up the good work i'll be back once i've learnt the ones i've printed
 on  Sep 21 1999 09:57:00
Yeah, also swiss cheese people rock. Great work. I am nineteen and very grateful for (or about, I don't know) your tabs. So, keep on rockin'
 on  Sep 19 1999 23:11:00
 on  Sep 16 1999 20:48:00
 on  Sep 11 1999 21:34:00
Brings back memories of my old band as we played a number of Quo songs to the utter dismay of the locals who wanted to hear Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. I remember blowing up my amp playing "Caroline" one night-the bloody thing actually caught on fire! The locals thought that that was real cool and asked if we could do it again next set!
 on  Sep 11 1999 14:21:00
 on  Sep 10 1999 21:21:00
I think that Status Quo are EXCELLENT and, as a budding guitarist (ha ha!) I am eternally grateful for the tabs. Keep going!