Excel documents not opening

What to do if double clicking on an excel document doesn't open the document

Written by Ian on Sep 25 2015 07:34:54

I've always been able to open excel documents by right-clicking on the excel icon in the windows taskbar and selecting the document from the list of recent documents or by double-clicking on a document in windows explorer. Just recently this stopped working all of a sudden and the only way to open the document was to open excel first and then open the document from within the application.

After searching the internet I came across this solution.

In excel go to File > Options > Advanced and in the 'General' section make sure that Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is unticked. Restart Excel. Brilliant. Only it didn't work for me.

This is what worked.

Close Excel and open the task manager.

Look in task manager for any instances of excel that are still running. Click End Process for each of them.

Now, double-click on an excel document and excel will run and open the document.

Well, it did for me anyway.