'Would of' is not English

Don't be a thickie - 'would of' is not English.

Written by Ian on Aug 29 2015 08:21:16

There are many mistakes in the use of the English language but the one I hate the most, by far, is 'would of', 'could of' etc.

If it were up to me I would make people stay in school until they learn that 'would of', 'could of', 'should of', 'must of' etc. is not English. It has no meaning whatsoever. If you're one of these people learn to say 'would have' (or would've), 'could have' (could've) etc. instead which is correct. People who use 'would of' should automatically fail an English exam and those without an English qualification should be deemed unemployable!

What's worse, if that's even possible, is the sort of person who, even when learning of their mistake, carries on regardless. How stupid can you be? Learn from your mistakes and be a better person!