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Web site not displayed in browser when started in Visual Studio

Written by Ian on Aug 29 2015 15:32:06

I recently downloaded a visual studio web site from TFS onto a new laptop. At first the site ran ok when I started it up from the IDE. Then I shelved some changes and later unshelved them. When I tried to run it again I got the message 'Hmm, we can’t reach this page.' in Microsoft Edge. So I tried it in IE and got a similar message. Other websites didn't have any problem so obviously something had changed in the project. I don't know if something happened during the shelving/unshelving or maybe during some other action but eventually I found the solution. It appeared it was just the one port number that was giving me the problem. So the answer was:

Change the port number in project properties in visual studio and also in applicationhost.config in IISExpress.

Bingo! A working web site once more.